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Which three statements about Multi Line Agent mode in a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment are true?
(Choose three.)
A. It monitors and reports calls on all lines on the phone.
B. Allows Unified CCE to support Join Across Line and Direct Transfer Across Line features on the phone.
C. It monitors and reports of calls on only one line on the phone.
D. It requires a busy trigger of 2 (call waiting), although calls cannot be forwarded to other extensions on the phone
when busy.
E. It requires a maximum of two call appearances.
F. Shared lines are supported on ACD lines but not on non-ACD lines.
G. Call Park is supported on ACD and non-ACD lines.
Correct Answer: ABE

Which Cisco Finesse CLI command provides the license MAC address?
A. show network status
B. show net status
C. show status
D. show network detail
E. show net detail
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

newpass4sure 500-450 exam questions-q3

In a Cisco Finesse 10.0(x) deployment, an agent with single line 89XX hard phone is having trouble logging in to the
desktop. The error message highlighted has been found in the Jgw1log file. Which option describes the likely cause of
this error?
A. MAC address of the phone not associated with PG user.
B. PG user does not have “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting ConnectedXfer and conf user group” role.
C. In the peripheral gateway, Agent Phone Line Control not set to “All Lines”.
D. Phone Join Across Lines feature is enabled.
E. Phone line does not have the Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Trigger setting set to 2 and 1 respectively.
Correct Answer: B

Which three statements about Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Whisper Announcements are true? (Choose three.)
A. The first number calls the ringtone service that the caller hears while the Whisper Announcement plays to the agent.
The CVP default for this number is 92929292.
B. The second number calls the Whisper Announcement itself. The CVP default for this number is 9191919100.
C. The second number calls the Whisper Announcement itself. The CVP default for this number is 9292929200.
D. As an option, set the dial plan with 9191*.
E. As an option, set the dial plan with 9292*.
F. The Whisper Announcement dialed number is always an extension of the Ringtone dialed number with an extra two
zeros at the end.
Correct Answer: BDF

Which two statements about when you install/deploy Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise VMs on VMware ESXi
hosts are true? (Choose two.)
A. You can enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level.
B. You cannot enable hyper-threading, but you can over-subscribe the vCPU and vRAM.
C. You can enable hyper-threading at the Guest OS level.
D. You can enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level, but you cannot over-subscribe the vCPU and vRAM.
E. You cannot enable hyper-threading at the hypervisor level.
Correct Answer: CE

What is the semantic meaning of the RouterCallKeyDay variable?
A. It represents a number that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could
increment from 151191 to 151192.
B. It represents a string that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could advance
from “Monday” to “Tuesday”.
C. It represents a number that uniquely identifies the call during the day it was taken. For example: at midnight it would
reset to zero.
D. It represents a sequence number used for ordering rows for the same call.
E. It represents a string that corresponds to a Globally Unique Call Identifier.
Correct Answer: A

Which list of scripting objects is valid in a Consider If formula for Precision Queue?
A. Call, Attribute, SkillGroup, Call Type
B. Call, PQ, SkillGroup, Call Type
C. Call Type, PQ, Attribute, Call
D. Call, Call Type, Proficiency, SkillGroup
Correct Answer: B

Which two microapps can capture DTMF from the caller in the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal environment?
(Choose two.)
A. Play Media and Get Speech
B. Get Speech and Menu
C. Menu and Play Media
D. Menu and Get Digits
Correct Answer: BD

While a voice gateway accesses webservices elements, it times out and throws an error.badfetch event. Which two
options are common ways to reduce such errors? (Choose two.)
A. Set FetchAudioDelay timeout.
B. Set FetchAudioMinimum timeout.
C. Set mediafetchDelay timeout.
D. Set mediafetchDelay.
Correct Answer: AB

Which two actions are needed to enable VXML application detail reporting? (Choose two.)
A. Deploy CVP reporting server then associate CVP Call Server to the CVP reporting server.
B. Set user.vxml_detail_rpt.rpt_Serv to value 1.
C. Set user.vxml_detail_rpt.rpt_Serv to value 0.
D. Enable Report Data Exclusive Filtering.
E. Enable reporting for CVP VXML Server as well as VXML Application detail.
Correct Answer: AE

Which command is issued to check the replication status of a Cisco Unified Intelligence Center cluster?
A. utils dbreplication
B. utils dbreplication runtimestate
C. utils dbreplication summary
D. show dbreplication status
Correct Answer: B

Which CLI command is run on Cisco Unified Intelligence Center to check database replication?
A. utils dbreplication status
B. show dbreplication status
C. utils replication status
D. show replication status
Correct Answer: A

Which three options dictate that MicroApps are not sufficient and require Call Studio for Call Flow scripting? (Choose
A. Courtesy Callback
B. recording a .wav file
C. FTP a file
D. Emergency Contact Center closure
E. agent whisper
F. IVR Outbound option
G. agent greeting
Correct Answer: ABC

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