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Cisco CCIE 400-251 Online Exam Practice Questions


Which entity is responsible for the Stealthwatch Management Center to interact with ISE? 



C. pxGrid 


E. Threat Grid 


Correct Answer: C 



Drag each type of spoofing attack on the left on an action you can take to prevent it on the right. 

Select and Place:pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q2

Correct Answer:

pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q2-1


QUESTION 3pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q3

Refer to the exhibit. R2 is configured as a WCCP router to redirect HTTP traffic for policy implementation sourced from network to WSA at with the passphrase used for authentication is “ccie”. The redirection is for
traffic on the R2 Gi2 interface in the in bound direction. An issue is reported that web sites are not accessible anymore.
Which cause is true?
A. There is an issue with the routing of traffic between R2 and WSA.
B. There Is an Issue with the INCCP passphrase configured on R2.
C. There Is an issue with the WCCP redirection applied G2 interface.
D. There is an issue with the source network defined for WCCP redirection.
E. There is an issue with the WSA server list binded for the redirection
F. There is an issue with the destination servers defined for WCCP redirection
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about AMP Threat Grid are true? (Choose two)
A. It can transmit suspected malware to the public AMP threat Grid cloud for deeper analysis
B. It provides two separate on premises appliances to support powerful malware analysis and threat intelligence
C. It provides dynamic analysis reports and generates threat scores
D. It supports real time threat and behavioral analysis
E. It can be installed on individual endpoints to inspect local files for malware
F. It can act as an anomymized proxy to transport endpoint prevent data to the public AMP Threat Grid cloud for threat
Correct Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?
class Partner-Class limit-resource routers 50 limit-resource ASDM 4 limit-resource VPN other 400 limit-resource xlates
A. It allows each context to user all available resources.
B. It oversubscribes VPN sessions for the given class.
C. It creates a default class.
D. It creates a resource class.
Correct Answer: D


Which statement is true regarding ASA clustering requirements?
A. Units in the cluster can be running different software version as long as they have identical hardware configuration
B. Only routed mode is allowed in the Single context mode
C. Units in the cluster can be in different security context modes
D. Units in the duster cannot have different amount of flash memory
E. Units in the duster must be in the same geographical locations
F. Units in the duster can have different hardware configuration as long as they are running same software version
Correct Answer: E


What is an example of a stream cipher?
A. RC4
B. RC5
D. Blowfish
Correct Answer: A


Which three statements about VRF-Aware Cisco Firewal are true?(Choose three)
A. It supports both global and per-VRF commands and DoS parameters
B. It enables service providers to deploy firewalls on customer devices
C. It can generate syslog messages that are visible only to individual VPNs
D. It can support VPN networks with overlapping address ranges without NAT
E. It enables service providers to implement firewalls on PE devices
F. It can run as more than one instance.
Correct Answer: CEF

QUESTION 9pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q9

Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?
A. Users attempting to access the console port are authenticated against the TACACS+ server.
B. The device tries to reach the server every 24 hours and falls back to the LOCAL database if it fails.
C. If TACACS+ authentication fails, the ASA uses Cisco 123 as its default password.
D. The servers in the TACACS+ group are reactivated every 1440 seconds.
E. Any VPN user with a session timeout of 24 hours can access the device.
Correct Answer: A


Which statements is true regarding SSL policy implementation in a Firepower system?
A. Access control policy is optional for the SSL policy implementation
B. If Firepower system cannot decrypt the traffic, it allows the connection
C. Intrusion policy is mandatory to configure the SSL inspection
D. Access control policy is responsible to handle all the encrypted traffic if SSL policy is tried to it
E. Access control policy is invoked first before the SSL policy tied to it
F. If SSL policy is not supported by the system then access control policy handles all the encrypted traffic
Correct Answer: E

Which statement about the SDN framework environment is true?
A. The data plane is controlled by a centralized SDN element
B. The control plane is pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller
C. The data plane is pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller
D. The control plane and data plane are pulled from the networking element and put in a SDN controller and SON
E. The control plane functions is split between a SDN controller and the networking element
Correct Answer: E

QUESTION 12pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q12

There is no ICMP connectivity from VPN_PC to Server 1 and Server 2. What could be the possible cause?
A. The action is incorrect in the access rule
B. The destination port configuration missing in the access rule
C. The server network has incorrect mask in the access rule
D. The VLAN tags configuration missing in the access rule
E. The source network is incorrect in the access rule
F. The zone configuration missing in the access rule
Correct Answer: E



pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q13 pass4itsure 400-251 exam question q13-1

Refer to the exhibit. R15 is trying to initiate Site-to-Site IPsec certificate based VPN tunnel with the peer at
The CA is running at port 80 on address . R15 has a BGP peer at doing an authenticated
session to establish reachability with the VPN remote site. The VPN tunnel will secure traffic between
and networks. It has been reported that VPN tunnel is not coming up with remote site, what could be
the issue?
A. Incorrect ACL defined for the traffic encryption
B. Incorrect static route
C. Incorrect crypto map configuration
D. Incorrect ISAKMP policy configuration
E. The crypto map is not applied on the correct interface
F. Incorrect truspoint configuration
G. Incorrect BGP peer Configuration
Correct Answer: DF

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