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Pass IBM SPSS Modeler Professional C2090-930 exam with our premium practice exam. With tons of experience in the field of IBM analytics, our expert panel has designed this practice exam which completely simulates the IBM Certified Specialist – SPSS Modeler Professional v3 exam pattern and format. We at, have maintained exam structure, time limit and marking system same as IBM Certification. Our experts have included more practical questions which are the most frequently asked in IBM Certified Specialist – SPSS Modeler Professional v3 Certification.

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2090-930
Exam Name: IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3
Certification Provider: IBM
Total Questions: 60 Q&A
Updated on: Apr 07, 2017

This test will certify that the successful candidate has the fundamental C2090-930 exam knowledge to participate as an effective team member in the implementation of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional analytics solutions.

C2090-930 exam

SPSS Modeler Professional Functionality (10%)

  • Identify the purpose of each palette
  • Describe the use of SuperNodes
  • Describe the advantages of SPSS Modeler scripting

Business Understanding and Planning (10%)

  • Describe the CRISP-DM process
  • Describe how to map business objectives to data mining goals

Data Understanding (15%)

  • Describe appropriate nodes for summary statistics, distributions, and visualizations (for example, graph nodes, output nodes)
  • Describe data quality issues (for example, outliers and missing data)

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Exam A
A system administrator wants to limit the BlackBerry device resources that a third-party application may be able to access. What are three resources that an application control policy can deny or allow a third-party application to access?

(Choose three.)
A. Initiating phone calls or retrieving phone logs on the BlackBerry device
B. Accessing the microSD memory card on a BlackBerry device
C. Sending and receiving email messages on the BlackBerry device
D. Accessing the Wi-Fi radio on a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device
E. Accessing the GPS APIs on a BlackBerry device

Correct Answer: ACE QUESTION 2
Which three components are required for a BlackBerry device user to send and receive S/MIME encrypted email messages? (Choose three.)
A. A BlackBerry Enterprise Server that is enabled for S/MIME email messaging B. BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed with Certificate Synchronization
C. The BlackBerry device user’s private key stored on the BlackBerry device or the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader
D. The S/MIME Support Package installed on the BlackBerry device
E. The S/MIME Support Package installed on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Correct Answer: ACD
A system administrator has put an application control policy in place that prevents any application from accessing the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API. The organization decides to change the requirements so that access to the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API will be permitted for all applications. The system administrator has modified the application control policy to allow access to the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile API. Which statement is true about the time frame in which the application control policy will be sent to the BlackBerry devices? (Choose one.)
A. The change may take up to four hours to push to the BlackBerry devices.
B. The change will take effect when the system administrator resends the IT policy to the BlackBerry devices.
C. The change will be immediate as the policy change is automatically sent to the BlackBerry devices.
D. The change time frame will be custom as the system administrator is prompted to choose the change interval.
E. The change will be immediate only if the BlackBerry device users request a policy update.

Correct Answer: C
Which type of database replication is supported in the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution? (Choose one.)
A. Transactional
B. Analytical processing
C. Merge
D. Snapshot
E. Architectural

Correct Answer: A
What is the security level of the SNMP community name used for SNMP monitoring of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server when using the BlackBerry Monitoring Service? (Choose one.)
A. Read-only
B. Private
C. Public
D. Secure
E. Restricted

Correct Answer: A
The name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is server02. The Agent ID for the BlackBerry device user is . What is the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server log file where browsing information should be found? (Choose one.)
A. Server02_ctrl_01_20071201_0001.txt
B. Server02_disp_02_20071201_0001.txt
C. Server02_magt_02_20071201_0001.txt
D. Server02_mdss_01_20071201_0001.txt
E. Server02_mdat_01_20071201_0001.txt

Correct Answer: E
Which three tasks can be performed using the BlackBerry User Administration tool? (Choose three.)
A. Set an automatically generated enterprise activation password.
B. Set a manual enterprise activation password.
C. Configure the expiry time for an enterprise activation password.
D. Set an enterprise activation password for a user group.
E. Determine if an enterprise activation password has been set.
F. Set enterprise activation passwords for multiple BlackBerry device users.

Correct Answer: BCF
A company utilizing a segmented network structure recently installed the BlackBerry Collaboration Service, configured it to use the TLS protocol for Microsoft Windows Messenger on its own server, and placed it in a network segment from the Microsoft Live Communications Server. Which port must be open on the internal firewall to allow TLS traffic? (Choose one.)
A. 5061
B. 5060
C. 443
D. 8443
E. 1533

Correct Answer: A
What will prevent an IT policy from being successfully applied to a BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Different key in the BlackBerry Configuration Database than what is contained in the IT policy
B. A BlackBerry Enterprise Server that differs from the one that sent the original IT policy
C. A Desktop [CMIME] service book that fails to be delivered to the BlackBerry device
D. An original IT policy name on the BlackBerry device that differs from the new IT policy being applied
E. The IT policy being applied to a group that excludes the BlackBerry device user
Correct Answer: A

Which type of data packet is being sent when the CMIME service book is used? (Choose one.)
A. Instant messaging
B. Address book
C. Calendar
D. Email message
E. BlackBerry MDS
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11

WLAN configuration sets are managed in an environment using BlackBerry Manager. At which level in BlackBerry Manager are WLAN configurations created? (Choose one.)
A. Server
B. Group
C. User
D. Device
E. Domain

Correct Answer: E

C2090-930 exam

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