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Exam Code: NSE5
Exam Name: Fortinet Network Security Expert 5 Written Exam (500)
Updated: Aug 19, 2017
Q&As: 239

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NSE5 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Fortinet NSE5 Dumps Exam Q&As:

6.Which question should you ask to best assess Certkiller .com’s experience and knowledge
level? (Choose 1)
A. What is the error code you see?
B. Have you ever had this error before?
C. What were the circumstances that held to this situation?
D. Have you spoken with the systems administrator?
NSE5 exam Answer: C
7.Which are two characteristics of active listeners? (Choose two)
A. They demonstrate sympathy
B. They use the customer’s name
C. They avoid using verbal attends
D. They listen for, and recognise, emotion words
Answer: B, D.
8.What are the two most important points to remember in order to manage a call
(Choose two)
A. Create a problem-solving work-flow
B. Use the same terminology as the customer
C. Clearly document the situation and the steps taken
D. Give the customer something to do
NSE5 dumps Answer: B, C.
9.Which are two characteristics of active listeners? (Choose two)
A. They acknowledge the customer
B. They know the process for escalating a problem
C. They restate/paraphrase to ensure understanding
D. They understand that evidence and reasoning are critical
Answer: A, C
10.What are two purposes of an on-going (event) survey? (Choose two)
A. To evaluate overall satisfaction levels with products
B. To measure the quality of a single interaction
C. To assess satisfaction levels with all help desk services
D. To trend levels of customer satisfaction between annual (periodic) surveys

NSE5 pdf Answer: B, D
11.What are the three best methods for building rapport among departments within
thesupport organisation? (Choose three)
A. Active Networking
B. Involvement in Project management
C. Participation in company-wide events and initiatives
D. Involvement in cross-functional teams
Answer: A, C, D.
12.A help desk analyst is on the phone with Certkiller .com and does not know the solution
for the problem. What is the best technique for them to use to disengage from the call?
(Choose 1)
A. I have the information. I will get back to you as soon as possible
B. Allow me to check this further. I will call you at 10:00 with an update
C. Let me research this, I will call you back as soon as I have a resolution
D. Permit me to check with some other members of my team, I will get back to you as
soon as I review with this them
NSE5 vce Answer: B
13.What are the two most important purposes of an annual survey? (Choose two)
A. To assess IT technical support
B. To evaluate overall satisfaction levels
C. To identify changes customers feel are valuable
D. To measure changes in products and services from the previous year
Answer: B, C
14.Which two business needs must be considered when allocating priorities?(Chooose two)
A. The impact on the business
B. The customers status
C. The customers location
D. Service level agreement commitments
NSE5 exam Answer: A, D
15.What is the best description of multi-tasking? (Choose 1)
A. Delegating all responsibility along with all tasks
B. Completing one job before starting the next one
C. Starting tasks and handling them to subordinates to complete
D. Being capable of handling a variety of problems at the same time

Answer: D
16.What are two of the best ways to demonstrate confidence when on the telephone with a
customer? (Choose 1)
A. Using a confident tone, tell them you dont have a resolution for their incident yet but
you are finding out by using the knowledgebase
B. Using a confident tone, tell the customer you are new to the desk and are transferring
their call
C. Using a confident tone, ask the customer to call a 2nd line team, and provide their
telephone number
D. Using a confident tone, tell the cutomer that you are unable to help them until
NSE5 dumps Answer: A
17.You think one of your help desk analysts is suffering from stress.
Which two physical signs best indicate the analyst is experiencing stress? (Choose two)
A. They have a new wardrobe of clothes
B. They seems tense and often have white knuckles
C. They bite their fingernails
D. They have a palllid complextion
E. They often seem short of breath
Answer: B, E
18.Why is it important to record and analyse customer complaints? (Choose 1)
A. To gain insight into customer perceptions
B. To identify customers who are never satisfied
C. To prove that other IT groups are meeting customer expectations
D. To demonstrate that customers are not aware of service level agreements
NSE5 pdf Answer: A
19.How can the help desk be of strategic benefit to the organisation?
(Choose one)
A. It increase staff levels
B. It is a useful source of information
C. It ensures rigid adherence to opertional policies
D. It ensures that customers speak only to the help desk personnel
Answer: B
20.You are a help desk analyst and you are having difficulty understanding customer from
another country. What is the best action for you to take? (Choose 1)

A. Ask the customer if there is someone else who speaks your language more fluently
who could assist
B. Ask the customer to email you instead
C. Tell the customer you are sorry but you cannot understand him, and suggest he calls
back another time
D. Tell the customer you will send him a user manual
NSE5 vce Answer: A

21.A vendor may be audited both before and during the execution of a contract. During such a vendor
audit, the focus may be directed at the management and resource management of the company.
Which of the following areas would be EXCLUDED during such an audit?
A. Use and planning of time, manpower and training.
B. Defined quality responsibilities.
C. Company philosophy and organizational charts.
D. Design and process capabilities.
Answer: D
22.In obtaining Total Customer Satisfaction, management should NOT undertake which of the
following activities?
A. Use employee involvement and teamwork.
B. Encourage team competition.
C. Encourage sacrificing for the team.
D. Coordinate efforts of the departments.
NSE5 exam Answer: B
23.Normally, complaint data for both a product or service organization should provide
A. An indication of the organizational areas creating the most problems.
B. The degree or extent of customers dissatisfaction.
C. The appropriate corrective action to take.
D. The total quality costs for the organization.
Answer: B

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