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Exam Code: SK0-003
Exam Name: CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam
Q&As: 529

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SK0-003 dump

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate CompTIA SK0-003 Dump Exam Q&As:

A technician would like to ensure that when users connect to a web server in a server farm, they connect
to the server with the lowest CPU utilization. Which of the following technologies would accomplish this?
A. Load balancing
B. High availability
C. Virtual machine
D. Reverse proxy
SK0-003 exam 
Correct Answer: A
Changing the boot order of devices can be configured from which of the following?
A. DIP switches
C. Chipset
D. Control Panel
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is an advantage of using non-ECC memory over ECC memory?
A. ECC is faster than non-ECC
B. Non-ECC is faster than ECC
C. Non-ECC is more expensive than ECC
D. Non-ECC checks for memory errors
SK0-003 dump 
Correct Answer: B
Before installing a new device, a technician checks to make sure the device is on the HCL. Which of the
following is the advantage of having an HCL device?
A. It is supported by other vendors
B. Increases performance
C. Decreases cost
D. Meets vendor standards
Correct Answer: D
When building a computer with a 32 bit processor, which of the following is the MAXIMUM amount of
memory supported?
A. 1GB
B. 2GB
C. 4GB
D. 8GB
SK0-003 pdf 
Correct Answer: C
A technician has installed an additional NIC on a server. Which of the following can now be setup?
A. Teaming
C. Port forwarding
D. Full duplex
Correct Answer: A
A technician is setting up a network and wants to automatically assign IP addresses. Which of the
following will need to be configured to automatically assign IP addresses?
SK0-003 vce 
Correct Answer: C
A technician is building a Windows 2008 server and has installed a motherboard, processor, and power
supply. Which of the following optical drives should the technician install?
A. Flash Drive
Correct Answer: B
Typically, warranty information can be found on a vendor’s website by looking up which of the following?
A. Original hardware configuration
B. Service manual
C. Service tag
D. Model number
SK0-003 exam 
Correct Answer: C
When purchasing a UPS for a server room, which of the following are important factors to consider?
(Select TWO).
A. Network card configuration
B. Remote access procedures
C. Estimated runtime
D. Maximum load
E. Power cord length
Correct Answer: CD
A new server must be configured to provide fault tolerant connectivity to the DMZ and the backend
database. Which of the following is the MOST cost effective way to accomplish this?
A. A total of six NICs: two pairs of teamed NICs for the DMZ and two NICs for the backend database.
B. One NIC can be configured with VLANs for the DMZ and backend database.

C. A total of eight NICs to be teamed with the appropriate VLANs configured for the DMZ and backend
D. A total of four NICs: two NICs for the DMZ and two NICs for the backend database.
SK0-003 dump Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is TRUE about a caching name server? (Select TWO).
A. They must have a trusted SSL certificate
B. They can be authoritative
C. They cannot be load-balanced
D. They can be recursive
E. They require DHCP
Correct Answer: BD
A technician needs to deploy a new Internet facing web server and internal database server. The web
server will use the database backend to retrieve shopping cart information. Which of the following
configuration utilizes the LEAST resources?
A. Both servers will be virtualized on the same host server. The web server will be configured with an
Internet facing NIC connected to the host’s hardware NIC and a backend NIC connected to a virtual
switch. The database server NIC will be connected to the same virtual switch.
B. The database server will be created on the existing virtual farm and configured with one physical NIC.
The web server will be installed on new hardware and will utilize two physical NICs to separate
backend traffic from frontend Internet communication.
C. The web server will be created on the existing virtual farm and configured with two physical NICs, one
NIC for backend and one for backend communication. The database server will be installed on new
hardware to ensure maximum performance.
D. Both servers will be virtualized on a pair of redundant host servers. Both the web server and the
database server will share the same hardware resources. The web server will be configured with one
NIC for both frontend and backend communication and the databases server will also have one NIC.
SK0-003 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
A technician has fixed a reported issue with a heavily used software program and users have verified that
the program is working correctly. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Document the process and update the baseline.
B. Test the theory of probable cause and verify with the software vendor.
C. Establish a plan of action to be included in the business impact analysis.
D. Implement the software manufacturer workaround.
Correct Answer: A
After installing a new hard drive into a server for the purpose of mirroring the data from the first drive to the second one, the server displays an “operating system not found” error. Which of the following should the
technician do to boot the server from the original drive?
A. Replace the second drive with a hot swappable one.
B. Swap the drive boot order in the BIOS.
C. Make the second disk active under the disk management tool.
D. Rebuild the array using the hardware RAID tool at boot.

SK0-003 vce Correct Answer: B

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