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What is the difference between a varifocal lens and a zoom lens?
A. A zoom lens maintains focus when changing field of view
B. A varifocal lens has a longer field of view
C. A zoom lens always has automatic focus
D. There is no difference
Correct Answer: A

Audio detection can be used
A. Only with cameras with built in microphone.
B. In all Axis cameras but an extra intelligent video (IV) module is necessary.
C. Only in quiet areas.
D. For detecting a change in decibel levels.
Correct Answer: D

Which allows customer to access between 2-4 channels of live and online stored video at any time?
A. AXIS Camera Station
B. AXIS Media Control
C. AXIS Camera Management
D. AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS)
Correct Answer: D

A customer wants his video surveillance system to completely cover the perimeter of his property. For the installer to
ensure that the camera system is not subject to sabotage, he should
A. Install more low-priced cameras to cover the complete site.
B. Make sure each camera is seen by at least one other camera.
C. Use PoE, and not a PoE splitter.
D. Install thermal cameras.
Correct Answer: B

When initiating a surveillance project with a customer, which of the following should be considered first?
A. Understand which camera models to use
B. Understand the customer\’s technical knowledge
C. Understand the customer\’s goals and requirements
D. Understand the legal aspects for the installation
Correct Answer: C

If image clarity changes are made within the camera web interface, but are not reflected within a Video Management
Software (VMS), what is the most likely cause of the camera not accepting the settings?
A. The camera is faulty and needs to be replaced
B. The VMS is overwriting the changes in the camera
C. The camera\’s advanced settings need to be changed first
D. The user does not have administrative rights to change the settings
Correct Answer: B

A P-iris lens is
A. An iris with higher light sensitivity.
B. Axis\’ standard for DC-iris.
C. A DC-iris with feedback.
D. An iris specially made for zoom lenses.
Correct Answer: C

Who should be responsible for documenting a video surveillance installation?
A. The camera manufacturer
B. The customer\’s security manager
C. The customer\’s IT department
D. The integrator
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following general statements about illumination needs of PTZ cameras is true?
A. PTZ should not be used with IR light
B. The f-stop value of a lens will get higher if you zoom in
C. PTZ cameras in general tend to have lower f-stop value compared to fixed cameras
D. PTZ cameras should not be used with mixed IR and white light
Correct Answer: B

Which is an impact on cameras that are operating above their specified temperature limit?
A. Noise is increased
B. Frame rate is reduced
C. Light sensitivity is decreased
D. Resolution is reduced
Correct Answer: A

Why is it recommended to make a list of the Axis network video product serial numbers in an installation?
A. It provides an overview of what equipment has been used
B. The product name can be found inside the serial number
C. It make it is easier to identify the camera in AXIS Camera Management
D. It gives the status of the camera or encoder
Correct Answer: C

A varifocal lens
A. Makes it possible to adjust the focal length like a zoom lens, but requires refocusing after adjusting the focal length.
B. Allows the depth of field to be adjusted, making it possible to blur out the background for privacy protection or
reducing distraction.
C. Can rapidly change focus between a set of predefined positions, making it easy to move between different points of
interest in the scene.
D. Is a lens where the focus can be adjusted, as opposed to a fixed focus lens, making it possible to focus on objectsclose to the camera.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following allows customer to access between 2-4 channels of live and online stored video at any time?
A. AXIS Camera Station
B. AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS)
C. AXIS Camera Management
D. AXIS Media Control
Correct Answer: B

Which statement is true for broadcast network traffic?
A. Broadcast is designed to enable optimized video transmission, since it tolerates network dropouts
B. Broadcast is not practical for network video transmission, since packets are transmitted to every device on the
C. Broadcast is a method for sending video to many recipients over the internet even though their bandwidths vary
D. Broadcast data packet length is longer than normal Ethernet packets, to accommodate a full video frame
Correct Answer: B

A customer has strict requirements of 30 fps for recorded video. Which encoder choice would they select if they wanted
three streams, per every one encoded channel, of D1 resolution video run at 30 fps in H.264?
A. AXISM7210
B. AXISP7210
C. AXISP7214
D. AXISQ7406
Correct Answer: D

In order to comply with SMPTE standards of HDTV, the camera must meet the following:
A. Light sensitivity, aspect ratio, resolution, color fidelity
B. Aspect ratio, resolution, light sensitivity, frame rate
C. Light sensitivity, color fidelity, frame rate, aspect ratio D. Frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, color fidelity
Correct Answer: D

A convenience store needs a camera to cover the entrance. Identification is needed at 80 pixels per face. Given that the
scene is 2 m (6 ft 7 in) wide, which of these resolutions is the minimum one needed?
A. 640X480
B. 800 X 600
C. 1280 X 720
D. 1920 X 1080
Correct Answer: C

Working with a retailer on a site survey, they ask if there\’s any way to get more of the aisle and less of the shelves on
the short sides in the shot. An AXIS M3204 camera is being used. Which would be the best suggestion to the retailer?
A. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 10 mm
B. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 4 mm
C. Using Axis\’ Corridor Format
D. Switching the camera to a 16:9 view
Correct Answer: C

A camera lens with a low f-stop value of 1.2 will outperform a lens with a higher f- stop value due to which one of the
parameters below?
A. Better depth of field
B. Better low light capability
C. Improved sharpness
D. Less image artifacts
Correct Answer: B

Where is the best place to mount a camera with a fixed iris?
A. Outside, on a pole
B. Inside, in a room with large windows C. Outside, in a shadowed position
D. Inside, in a room with very strong light sources
Correct Answer: D

Which is a benefit of using VLANs and IP subnets?
A. An encrypted communication link is established over the internet, allowing surveillance video to be securely viewed
B. The network provides end-to-end encryption to prevent malicious users from intercepting network traffic
C. The network will only allow access from authorized devices, eliminating the risk that malicious users disconnect
cameras to intercept network traffic
D. Network surveillance video can be kept separate from other network traffic, reducing the risk that malicious users will
intercept it
Correct Answer: D

An installation with an AXIS P1344 experiences image flickering. How can this be remedied?
A. Adding white light to the scene
B. Adding IR light to the scene
C. Changing the camera\’s exposure setting
D. Changing the camera\’s white balance
Correct Answer: C

What are the effects of changing the capture mode on an AXIS P1346 from 2048×1536 (3 MP) to 1920×1080 (HDTV)?
(Choose two)
A. Minimum illumination decreases
B. Vertical angle of view decreases
C. Maximum frame rate decreases
D. Maximum frame rate increases
E. Motion blur increases
Correct Answer: BD

If using H.264 compression, in theory, what could a video containing no l-frames look like? A. The first P-frame is visible during the whole video
B. A black image is visible during the whole video
C. All moving objects will be visible
D. All non-moving objects will be visible
Correct Answer: C

A. Is required to enable viewing network surveillance video on mobile devices.
B. Is a network specially optimized to handle video data packets.
C. Creates a secure tunnel through the network, where your information travels encrypted.
D. Translates domain names to IP addresses, according to the IPv4 standard.
Correct Answer: C

Focusing a camera improves the image, but it also
A. Has an effect on the frame rate
B. Increases the bandwidth
C. Changes the pixel resolution
D. Decreases the bandwidth
Correct Answer: B

Which feature in Axis cameras allows for a fixed box style camera to tell a PTZ camera to move to a preset?
A. HTTP server
B. QoS
C. FTP server
Correct Answer: A

An installer wants to connect and power a P|R sensor from an Axis camera\’s I/O port. What would be the output DC
voltage? A. 1, 5V
B. 3. 3 V
C. 5V
D. 7 V
Correct Answer: B

After an installer sets up a motion detection window they then zoom out the camera. How will this affect the camera\’s
ability to detect motion if no settings are changed?
A. More pixels are needed to change to trigger motion detection
B. Less pixels are needed to change to trigger motion detection
C. More movement needed to change to trigger motion detection
D. Less movement needed to change to trigger motion detection
Correct Answer: C

The first time an Axis camera\’s Live View is accessed the user is prompted to do which of the following?
A. Configure a root password
B. Select a resolution
C. Enter a camera name
D. Assign IP address
Correct Answer: A

Easy access via axis ax0-100 exam at pass4itsure,newpass4sure free axis ax0-100 exam dumps and free download Axis ax0-100 pdf
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