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Cisco 350-701 exam dumps pdf

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Cisco CCNP 350-701 Practice Test 1-13

What is the difference between deceptive phishing and spear phishing?
A. Deceptive phishing is an attacked aimed at a specific user in the organization who holds a C-level role.
B. A spear phishing campaign is aimed at a specific person versus a group of people.
C. Spear phishing is when the attack is aimed at the C-level executives of an organization.
D. Deceptive phishing hijacks and manipulates the DNS server of the victim and redirects the user to a false webpage.
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator configures Dynamic ARP Inspection on a switch. After Dynamic ARP Inspection is applied, all
users on that switch are unable to communicate with any destination. The network administrator checks the interface
status of all interfaces, and there is no err-disabled interface.
What is causing this problem?
A. The ip arp inspection limit command is applied on all interfaces and is blocking the traffic of all users.
B. DHCP snooping has not been enabled on all VLANs.
C. The no ip arp inspection trust command is applied on all user host interfaces
D. Dynamic ARP Inspection has not been enabled on all VLANs
Correct Answer: C

What must be used to share data between multiple security products?
A. Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud
B. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
C. Cisco Platform Exchange Grid
D. Cisco Rapid Threat Containment
Correct Answer: C

An engineer needs a solution for TACACS+ authentication and authorization for device administration. The engineer
also wants to enhance wired and wireless network security by requiring users and endpoints to use 802.1X, MAB, or
WebAuth. Which product meets all of these requirements?
A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B. Cisco Identity Services Engine
C. Cisco Stealthwatch
D. Cisco AMP for Endpoints
Correct Answer: B

Drag and drop the steps from the left into the correct order on the right to enable AppDynamics to monitor an EC2
instance in Amazon Web Services.
Select and Place:

newpass4sure 350-701 exam questions-q5

Which three statements about VRF-Aware Cisco Firewall are true? (Choose three)
A. It supports both global and per-VRF commands and DoS parameters.
B. It enables service providers to deploy firewalls on customer devices.
C. It can generate syslog messages that are visible only to individual VPNs.
D. It can support VPN networks with overlapping address ranges without NAT.
E. It enables service providers to implement firewalls on PE devices.
F. It can run as more than one instance.
Correct Answer: CEF

Which technology is used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching?
B. Firepower
Correct Answer: A

What is the result of running the crypto isakmp key ciscXXXXXXXX address command?
A. authenticates the IKEv2 peers in the range by using the key ciscXXXXXXXX
B. authenticates the IP address of the peer by using the key ciscXXXXXXXX
C. authenticates the IKEv1 peers in the range by using the key ciscXXXXXXXX
D. secures all the certificates in the IKE exchange by using the key ciscXXXXXXXX
Correct Answer: B

Which two deployment model configurations are supported for Cisco FTDv in AWS? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco FTDv configured in routed mode and managed by an FMCv installed in AWS
B. Cisco FTDv with one management interface and two traffic interfaces configured
C. Cisco FTDv configured in routed mode and managed by a physical FMC appliance on premises
D. Cisco FTDv with two management interfaces and one traffic interface configured
E. Cisco FTDv configured in routed mode and IPv6 configured
Correct Answer: AC


newpass4sure 350-701 exam questions-q10

Refer to the exhibit. What is a result of the configuration?
A. Traffic from the DMZ network is redirected.
B. Traffic from the inside network is redirected.
C. All TCP traffic is redirected.
D. Traffic from the inside and DMZ networks is redirected.
Correct Answer: D

Which information is required when adding a device to Firepower Management Center?
A. username and password
B. encryption method
C. device serial number
D. registration key
Correct Answer: D

An sneaky employee using an Android phone on your network has disabled DHCP, enabled it\\’s firewall, modified it\\’s
HTTP User-Agent header, to tool ISE into profiling it as a Windows 10 machine connected to the wireless network. This
is now able to get authorization for unrestricted network access using his Active Directory credentials, as your policy
states that a Windows device using AD credentials should be able to get full network access. Whereas, an Android
should only get access to the Web proxy.
Which two steps can you take to avoid this sort of rogue behavior? (Choose two)
A. Create an authentication rule that should only allow session with a specific HTTP User-Agent header
B. Modify the authorization policy to only allow Windows machines that have passed Machine Authentication to get full
network access
C. Add an authorization policy before the Windows authorization policy that redirects a user with a static IP to a web
portal for authentication
D. Chain an authorization policy to the Windows authorization policy that performs additional NMAP scans to verify the
machine type, before allowing access
E. Only allow certificate-based authentication from Windows endpoints, such as EAP-TLS or PEAP- TLS.Should the
endpoint use MSCHAPv2 (EAP or PEAP), the user should be only given restricted access
F. Perform CoA to push a restricted access when the machine is acquiring address using DHCP
Correct Answer: BE

Which feature requires a network discovery policy on the Cisco Firepower Next Generation Intrusion Prevention
A. security intelligence
B. impact flags
C. health monitoring
D. URL filtering
Correct Answer: A

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