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Exam Code: 300-208
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions
Updated: Jul 24, 2017
Q&As: 269

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Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-208 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Which three pieces of information can be found in an authentication detail report? (Choose three.)
A. DHCP vendor ID
B. user agent string
C. the authorization rule matched by the endpoint
D. the EAP method the endpoint is using
E. the RADIUS username being used
F. failed posture requirement
300-208 exam Correct Answer: CDE
Which RADIUS attribute is used primarily to differentiate an IEEE 802.1x request from a Cisco MAB
A. RADIUS Attribute (5) NAS-Port
B. RADIUS Attribute (6) Service-Type
C. RADIUS Attribute (7) Framed-Protocol
D. RADIUS Attribute (61) NAS-Port-Type
Correct Answer: B
What user rights does an account need to join ISE to a Microsoft Active Directory domain?
A. Create and Delete Computer 0bjects
B. Domain Admin
C. Join and Leave Domain
D. Create and Delete User 0bjects
300-208 dumps Correct Answer: A
You enabled the guest session limit feature on the Cisco ISE. However, end users report that the same
guest can log in from multiple devices simultaneously.
Which configuration is missing on the network access device?
A. RADIUS authentication
B. RADIUS accounting
C. DHCP required
D. AAA override
Correct Answer: B
After an endpoint has completed authentication with MAB, a security violation is triggered because a
different MAC address was detected.
Which host mode must be active on the port?
A. single-hostmode
B. multidomain authentication host mode
C. multiauthentication host mode
D. multihost mode
300-208 pdf Correct Answer: A
Which three host modes support MACsec? (Choose three.)
A. multidomain authentication host mode
B. multihost mode
C. multi-MAC host mode
D. single-host mode
E. dual-host mode
F. multi-auth hostmode
Correct Answer: ABD
When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which two components host the
web authenticationportal?(Choosetwo.)
B. the WLC
C. the access point
D. the switch
E. the endpoints
300-208 vce Correct Answer: BD
Which type of remediation does Windows Server Update Services provide?
A. automatic remediation
B. administrator-initiated remediation
C. redirect remediation
D. central Web auth remediation
Correct Answer: A
What type of Identity group is the Blacklist Identity group?
A. endpoint
B. user
C. blackhole
D. quarantine
E. denied systems
300-208 dumps Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.

If a user with privilege 15 is matching this command set on Cisco ISE 2.0, which three commands can the
user execute? (Choose three.)
A. configure terminal
B. show run
C. show clock
D. ping
E. exit
F. show ip interface brief
Correct Answer: BCF
Which remediation type ensures that Automatic Updates configuration is turned on Windows clients per
security policy to remediate Windows clients for posture compliance?
A. AS Remediation
B. File Remediation
C. Launch Program Remediation
D. Windows Update Remediation
E. WindowsServerUpdateServicesRemediation
300-208 exam Correct Answer: D
What are two actions that can occur when an 802.1X-enabled port enters violation mode? (Choose two.)
A. The port is error disabled.
B. The port drops packets from any new device that sends traffic to the port.
C. The port generates a port resistance error.
D. The port attempts to repair the violation.
E. The port is placed in quarantine state.
F. The port is prevented from authenticating indefinitely.
Correct Answer: AB
Your guest-access wireless network is experiencing degraded performance and excessive latency due to
user saturation. Which type of rate limiting can you implement on your network to correct the problem?
A. per-device
B. per-policy
C. per-access point
D. per-controller
E. per-application
300-208 pdf Correct Answer: A
Which ISE feature is used to facilitate a BY0D deployment?
A. self-service personal device registration and onboarding
B. Guest Service Sponsor Portal
C. Local Web Auth
D. Guest Identity Source Sequence
Correct Answer: A
Which two types of client provisioning resources are used for BY0D implementations? (Choose two.)
A. user agent
B. Cisco NAC agent
C. nativesupplicantprofiles
D. device sensor
E. software provisioning wizards
300-208 vce Correct Answer: CE

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300-206 Exam

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What is the default behavior of NAT control on Cisco ASA Software Version 8.3?
A. NAT control has been deprecated on Cisco ASA Software Version 8.3.
B. It will prevent traffic from traversing from one enclave to the next without proper access configuration.
C. It will allow traffic to traverse from one enclave to the next without proper access configuration.
D. It will deny all traffic.
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Which three options are hardening techniques for Cisco IOS routers? (Choose three.)
A. limiting access to infrastructure with access control lists
B. enabling service password recovery
C. using SSH whenever possible
D. encrypting the service password
E. using Telnet whenever possible
F. enabling DHCP snooping
Correct Answer: ACD Explanation
Which three commands can be used to harden a switch? (Choose three.)
A. switch(config-if)# spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
B. switch(config)# ip dhcp snooping
C. switch(config)# errdisable recovery interval 900
D. switch(config-if)# spanning-tree guard root
E. switch(config-if)# spanning-tree bpduguard disable
F. switch(config-if)# no cdp enable
Correct Answer: BDF Explanation
What are three features of the Cisco ASA 1000V? (Choose three.)
A. cloning the Cisco ASA 1000V
B. dynamic routing
C. the Cisco VNMC policy agent
D. IPv6
E. active/standby failover
F. QoS
Correct Answer: ACE Explanation
Explanation/Reference: 300-101 exam
If the Cisco ASA 1000V has too few licenses, what is its behavior?
A. It drops all traffic.
B. It drops all outside-to-inside packets.
C. It drops all inside-to-outside packets.
D. It passes the first outside-to-inside packet and drops all remaining packets.
Correct Answer: D Explanation

300-206 Exam
A network administrator is creating an ASA-CX administrative user account with the following parameters:
The user will be responsible for configuring security policies on network devices.

The user needs read-write access to policies.

The account has no more rights than necessary for the job.
What role will the administrator assign to the user?
A. Administrator
B. Security administrator
C. System administrator
D. Root Administrator
E. Exec administrator
Correct Answer: B Explanation
What command alters the SSL ciphers used by the Cisco Email Security Appliance for TLS sessions and HTTPS access?
A. sslconfig
B. sslciphers
C. tlsconifg
D. certconfig
Correct Answer: A Explanation
What is the CLI command to enable SNMPv3 on the Cisco Web Security Appliance?
A. snmpconfig
B. snmpenable
C. configsnmp
D. enablesnmp
Correct Answer: A Explanation

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