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Updated RHCSA EX200 Dumps PDF [2020]


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Resize the logical volume vo and its filesystem to 290 MB. Make sure that the filesystem contents remain intact.
Note: Partitions are seldom exactly the same size requested, so a size within the range of 260 MB to 320 MiB is
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
df -hT lvextend -L +100M /dev/vg0/vo lvscan xfs_growfs /home/ // home is LVM mounted directory Note: This step is
only need to do in our practice environment, you do not need to do in the real exam resize2fs /dev/vg0/vo // Use this
comand to update in the real exam df -hT OR e2fsck -f/dev/vg0/vo umount /home resize2fs /dev/vg0/vo required
partition capacity such as 100M lvreduce -l 100M /dev/vg0/vo mount /dev/vg0/vo /home df –Ht

Add admin group and set gid=600
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# groupadd -g 600 admin

A YUM source has been provided in the http://instructor.example.com/pub/rhel6/dvd Configure your system and can be
used normally.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/etc/yum.repos.d/base.repo [base] name=base baseurl=http://instructor.example.com/pub/rhel6/dvd gpgcheck=0 yum

Configure your Host Name, IP Address, Gateway and DNS. Host name: station.domain40.example.com
/etc/sysconfig/network hostname=abc.com hostname abc.com IP Address: Gateway172.24.40.1
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cd /etc/syscofig/network-scripts/ # ls # vim ifcfg-eth0 (Configure IP Address, Gateway and DNS)
IPADDR= GATEWAY= DNS1= # vim /etc/sysconfig/network (Configure Host
Name) HOSTNAME= station.domain40.example.com OR Graphical Interfaces: System->Preference->Network
Connections (Configure IP Address, Gateway and DNS) Vim /etc/sysconfig/network (Configure Host Name)

Configure autofs to automount the home directories of LDAP users as follows:
host.domain11.example.com NFS-exports /home to your system.
This filesystem contains a pre-configured home directory for the user ldapuser11 ldapuser11\\’s home directory is
host.domain11.example.com /rhome/ldapuser11 ldapuser11\\’s home directory should be automounted locally beneath
as /rhome/ldapuser11
Home directories must be writable by their users
ldapuser11\\’s password is \\’password\\’.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
vim /etc/auto.master /rhome /etc/auto.misc wq! # vim /etc/auto.misc ldapuser11 –rw,sync
host.domain11.example.com:/rhome/ldpauser11 :wq! #service autofs restart
service autofs reload
chkconfig autofs on
su -ldapuser11 Login ldapuser with home directory # exit

YUM repository has been provided at http://server.domain11.example.com/pub/x86_64/Server. Configure your system
to use this location as a default repository.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
vim/etc/yum.repos/base.repo [base] name=base baseurl= http://server.domain11.example.com/pub/x86_64/Server
gpgcheck=0 enable=1 Save and Exit Use yum list for validation, the configuration is correct if list the package
information. If the Yum configuration is not correct then maybe cannot answer the following questions.

Create User Account.
Create the following user, group and group membership:
Adminuser group
User natasha, using adminuser as a sub group
User Harry, also using adminuser as a sub group
User sarah, can not access the SHELL which is interactive in the system, and is not a member of adminuser,
natashaharrysarah password is redhat.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
groupadd adminuser useradd natasha -G adminuser useradd haryy -G adminuser useradd sarah -s /sbin/nologin
Passwd user name // to modify password or echo redhat | passwd –stdin user name id natasha // to view user group.

Create a backup file named /root/backup.tar.bz2, which contains the contents of /usr/local, bar must use the bzip2
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
cd /usr/local
tar -jcvf /root/backup.tar.bz2*
mkdir /test
tar -jxvf /root/backup.tar.bz2 -C /test/

Install a FTP server, and request to anonymous download from /var/ftp/pub catalog. (it needs you to configure yum
direct to the already existing file server.)
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cd /etc/yum.repos.d # vim local.repo [local] name=local.repo baseurl=file:///mnt enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 # yum
makecache # yum install -y vsftpd # service vsftpd restart # chkconfig vsftpd on # chkconfig –list vsftpd # vim
/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf anonymous_enable=YES

Some users home directory is shared from your system. Using showmount -e localhost command, the shared directory
is not shown. Make access the shared users home directory.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
Verify the File whether Shared or not ? : cat /etc/exports
Start the nfs service: service nfs start
Start the portmap service: service portmap start
Make automatically start the nfs service on next reboot: chkconfig nfs on
Make automatically start the portmap service on next reboot: chkconfig portmap on
Verify either sharing or not: showmount -e localhost
Check that default firewall is running on system?
If running flush the iptables using iptables -F and stop the iptables service.

SELinux must be running in the Enforcing mode.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
getenforce // Check the current mode of SELinux // SELinux runs in enforcing mode // Check getenforce 1 getenforce
vim /etc/selinux/config selinux=enforcing // To temporarily enable SELinux wg sestatus

Your System is configured in Network and your nameserver is Make successfully
resolve to server1.example.com.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
nameserver is specified in question,
Vi /etc/resolv.conf nameserver
host server1.example.com

Configure your Host Name, IP Address, Gateway and DNS. Host name: dtop5.dn.ws.com IP Address:
Gateway: DNS:
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
Configure Host Name
vim /etc/sysconfig/network NETWORKING=yes HOSTNAME=dtop5.dn.ws.comGATEWAY=
2. Configure IP Address, Gateway and DNS Configure the network by Network Manager:

RHCSA EX200 exam questions-q13

Note: Please remember to choose two options:
Connect automatically
Available to all users Click “Apply”, save and exit, and restart your network services: # Service network restart
3. Validate these profiles: a) Check gateway: # vim / etc / sysconfig / network NETWORKING=yes
HOSTNAME=dtop5.dn.ws.com GATEWAY= b) Check Host Name: # vim /etc/hosts

RHCSA EX200 exam questions-q13-2

c) Check DNS: # vim /etc/resolv.conf
# Generated by NetworkManager Search dn.ws.com Nameserver d) Check Gateway: # vim

RHCSA EX200 exam questions-q13-3

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