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The 200-105 pdf cool part about this announcement, is that Cisco did not change the exam structure, requirements, or simply eliminated any certification (which they can, its their certification program anyway xD). Its a very simple change, easy to understand. Now, the funny part lies in the contents.

Exam Code: 200-105
Exam Name: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0)
Updated: Apr 26, 2017
Q&As: 204
Exam Information:

I believe that people want to have good prospects of career whatever industry they work in. Of course, there is no exception in the competitive IT industry. Some of them removed (thank God), some new added 200-105 pdf (oh yeah!) and another ones moved (maybe now i have your attention).


200-105 pdf Exam Code:  200-105
Exam Name Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0)
File size 75MB
Category Cisco
200-105 PDF Pages 19
Language English
File format PDF

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Which two of the following can be performed using the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager but cannot be performed in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Perform a Blackberry device application load
B. Set activation password
C. Perform a wired synchronization
D. Resend service books
E. Perform a BlackBerry device back up

Correct Answer: AE


When configuring a BlackBerry device for access to Wi-Fi, which two of the following pieces of information are required? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: CE
A BlackBerry device user is moving to a different BlackBerry Domain. What will have to be done to the BlackBerry device before it can be successfully activated over the wireless network? (Choose one.)
A. Perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device
B. Perform a security wipe on the BlackBerry device
C. Delete all Desktop service books
D. Have the service provider re-provision the BlackBerry device
E. Remove the Messages icon

Correct Answer: B


In a low memory situation, which of the following will Low Memory Manager do to make more memory available on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one)
A. Copy all media from the BlackBerry device memory to a microSD card
B. Close all currently running applications
C. Delete the least used third party applications
D. Advise that there is not enough memory to perform any operations
E. Other applications will remove low priority data

Correct Answer: E


Which two of the following scenarios explains why Email Settings is grayed out in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose two.)
A. A supported email application is installed but not running
B. BlackBerry Desktop Manager was not fully installed
C. The appropriate permissions were not present during the installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager
D. A MAPI profile was not selected
E. No supported email application is installed

Correct Answer: DE


Which three of the following BlackBerry device user management functions can be performed with the BlackBerry Administration Service for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose three.)
A. Create a user account
B. Delete a user account
C. Synchronize a BlackBerry device
D. Install BlackBerry Device Software
E. Assign a BlackBerry device

Correct Answer: ABE  200-105 pdf
A BlackBerry device user indicates they have downloaded updated BlackBerry Device Software and installed it on a computer. When attempting to run the application loader tool for their service provider branded BlackBerry device, the following error message is displayed: No software available for update. Which three of the following options are possible causes for this error message? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry Device Software was not properly installed
B. A generic version of the BlackBerry Device Software was installed rather than service provider specific BlackBerry Device Software
C. Service provider specific BlackBerry Device Software was installed rather than the generic BlackBerry Device Software
D. BlackBerry Device Software was properly installed but automatically updated by BlackBerry Updater
E. BlackBerry Device Software for a different BlackBerry device was installed

Correct Answer: ABE
A BlackBerry device user wants to synchronize the BlackBerry device with an organizer application that is not compatible with BlackBerry Desktop Manager. However, the vendor of this application has software that adds this functionality to BlackBerry Desktop Manager. What does the user need to do in BlackBerry Desktop Manager to enable the functionality? (Choose one.)
A. Create a new application icon for the organizer application
B. Configure Add-ins from within the Synchronize application
C. Run the application loader tool to install the software to the BlackBerry device
D. Enable advanced synchronization support in iloptcfg.cfg
E. Clear the targeted organizer data (PIM) database on the BlackBerry device using the advanced backup and restore tool
Correct Answer: B




A user BlackBerry device powered down spontaneously, and is now displaying the following error:
Error Code 507
Which two of the following steps should a system administrator use to troubleshoot this error? (Choose two.)
A. Connect the BlackBerry device to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and perform a fresh synchronization
B. Perform a hard reset of the BlackBerry device and see if the error code persists
C. Obtain a replacement SIM card and see if the BlackBerry device will start up
D. Connect the BlackBerry device to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and run the application loader tool to reload the BlackBerry Device Software
E. Attempt a Bluetooth connection to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and then synchronize that way

Correct Answer: BD



Which of the following indicates the best signal on a BlackBerry device Located under Options > Status > Signal? (Choose one.)
A. -85mhz
B. -200dbm
D. +104
E. -85dbm

Correct Answer: E
A BlackBerry device user calls in because the enterprise activation of a new BlackBerry device is stopping at Activating. Which two of the following steps should be followed by a support representative in order to help the user? (Choose two.)
A. Tell the user to contact their Internet service provider
B. Check provisioning and if it incorrect educate the user on the required provisioning services
C. Have the system administrator remove and re-add the user to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
D. Verify that the user is entering the activation password exactly as provided
E. Have the user perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device

Correct Answer: BD



The latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software is typically available from which two of the following locations? (Choose two.)
A. The BlackBerry website
B. The wireless service provider BlackBerry device downloads site
C. The CD-ROM included with the BlackBerry device
D. A third party download website
E. The BlackBerry device support forums

Correct Answer: AB

200-105 pdf

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